13 December 2012

Double Twist Hat pattern


A simple knitted hat with one wide cable with two twists.

Yarn: Double stranded DK
Needles: 6mm & 7mm + 7mm DPNs
(I knit loosely. You might need to go up a needle size.)

Using  and 6mm circular needles, CO 62 stitches.

I recommend the Chinese Waitress cast on method.

Join work and K1, P1 until work measures 4cm - 7cms, depending on personal preferrnce.

Switch to 7mm needles.

Note: This pattern is written to minimise purl knitting. Many people, myself included, prefer knit over purl, and as there is so much purl in this pattern, I chose to work it on the reverse side.

Place Marker, *P12, Knit to marker
Repeat from * until work measures 14cm

At the marker, C12B, purlwise Knit to marker.

*P12, Knit to marker

Repeat from * for another 12 rows, or until work measures 20cm

Repeat the cable row (At the marker, C12B, purlwise Knit to marker.)

**P12, Knit to marker. Repeat from * for two rows

(Switch to DPNs when necessary)
Row1: At marker P5 P2tog, P5, *Ktog, K3. repeat from * to marker
Row2: P5, P2tog, P4, knit to Marker
Row3: P4, P2tog, P4, *K2tog, K2 Repeat from * to marker
Row4: P4, P2tog, P3, Knit to marker
Row5: P3, P2tog, P3, *K2tog, K1 Repeat from * to marker
Row6: P3, P2tog, P2, Knit to marker
Row7: P2, P2tog, P2, K2tog, to marker
Row8: P2tog, three times, K2tog to marker
Row9: K2tog until less than 8 stitches remain.
Cut yarn, thread onto tapestry needle, transfer stitches from knitting needle to tapestry needle, pull tight to close the hole and sew in all loose ends.

Thanks to Wanda, for helping improve this pattern!

If you use this pattern, please leave a comment. 
If you have any questions or suggestions on how it could be improved, please contact me.


  1. lovely :)

    I'll have to give this a go for sure!

    1. Thank you! Let me know how it goes.
      If you've got any questions, I'll be happy to answer if I can.

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  3. This would be really cute with a little pom pom at the top of it! I'm gonna start on this pattern tonight, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. You're welcome! Let me know how it turns out. X

  4. IT is sculpture for the head.!!!!.....beautifulllllllll. I have been looking for a hat for myself and here it is..thank you for your gift of creativity.

    1. Wow! Thank you for that compliment! :D

  5. I'm just starting out but I really love this hat so I'm going to give it a try. Some of what you said made no sense to me but thanks to my neighbourhood knitting store I will have help!

    1. Hi Amy, I'll be glad to answer any questions you have. I make up these patterns as I go along, so I'm always amazed that anyone can follow them! ;) You can email me at kwraikarn@gmail.com or find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/Hattiemylove :D