6 January 2013

Cotton Light Headsock hat (pattern)

This isn't really a pattern in any traditional sense, it's more like an outline. 
It was knitted as the lining for an oversized 88 Slouch.

Before sewing it on I decided to try it on, and lo! it was good! Plus it was super easy, quick and lovely to work. I'll definitely make this again.

(If you have any questions, please message me.)

Using Drops Cotton Light and 5mm needles CO 72st.
Join work and K2 P2 until work measures 4cm.
K8, K2tog, K51, K2tog. (This is to get rid of 2 stitches in a happy,  symmetrical way:-) )

Knit freely and joyously until work measures 22cm.


Place marker.
K8, K2tog, Repeat to marker.
Knit the next row and every alternate row.
Continue the usual system of decreasing - K7, K2tog, K6, K2tog, and so on - until you reach the K2 K2tog round. After you knit the K2, K2tog round don't knit a round.  Instead, simply K2tog until 8 stitches remain. Cut yarn, thread through loops, tighten and sew in ends.

A bit about Drops Cotton Light:
Not all natural, but I just can't knit with 100% cotton and wool's just too warm for this purpose.
The 50g ball is 110m (120 yds) long. I'd knitted 23cm before I switched to the second ball. If you have a compatible yarn in your stash, you could easily incorporate a stripe and knit this with just one ball of Cotton Light. (For mathematicians, the finished hat is 30cm)

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