4 February 2013

Findings Headsock Stashbuster Hat pattern

Any DK yarn.
If you want, you can plan what colours you'll use beforehand.
This hat is made with 100% wool and the finished hat weighs 60g.
Other yarns might weigh more or less.

6mm, for casting on. 4mm for the rib, 5 (5.5)mm for the body and 5 (5.5)mm DPNs for the crown.

(I have used both 5mm and 5.5mm needles for the body of this hat. Obviously, 5.5mm gives a looser knit.)

Using 6mm needles, CO 90 stitches.
Alternatively, use 4mm needles and a stretchy cast on method, such as the Chinese Waitress cast on.

I don't use a marker, because I can see quite clearly where the new row starts, but you might want to place a marker at this point.

Switch to 4mm, join work and K3, P3* until work measures 8cm.**

Switch to 5.5mm needles and knit until work measures 23cms.

*The rib can be worked over any multiple of stitches that can be evenly distributed over 90 stitches.
I have used 2x3, 3x3 and 2x4.
**Change colour as and when you feel like it, or depending on what you have in your stash.
Staci Perry of Very Pink demonstrates here a method for smoothly merging colour stripes when knitting in the round.
Another tip,  if you're going to change colour in the rib, here's a nice clean way to do it. (Also by Staci Perry)

Crown - switch to DPNs when necessary.
Place marker, if you haven't already.
Row 1: K3, K2tog.
Row 2 and every alternate row: Knit.
Row 3: K2, K2tog-
Row 5: K1, K2tog.
Row 7: K2tog.
Row 9: Repeat row 7. There should be 9 stitches left on your needles.

Cut yarn, leaving a 25/30cm tail.

Thread the loose end onto a darning/tapestry needle.

Beginning with the stitch you would knit, if you were to knit, thread the tail through all the stitches and remove the knitting needles.

Pull the tail tight to close up the hole.

Sew through to the inside of the hat and sew/weave in the loose end.

Here's a video by Judy Graham, demonstrating this technique.

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