9 October 2013


Learner Knitter Starter Pack

Another great gift idea from Purl Solo.


I love this simple snake pattern.

I will definitely try this on a few nephews.

Owl Again

Here's a great pattern for an owl. It's basically two hat crowns!

Purl Bee's Great Gift Selection

Purl Bee's blog has some really beautiful photographs of beautiful knit designs, all for free!

I found some cute little knits that would make reat Christmas gifts. Some are more complex than others.

Including, of course, the famous giant owl! Free pattern.

Christmas Gift Ideas (i)

I'm going to start looking for good idea for Christmas presents. There are only so many hats a head can wear, so I need idea. I'll share all the good ones with y'all. X

Such as this owl!

There's no pattern available that I can find, so I'll try and figure out a version of this myself.
If I do find a pattern, I'll post it.

Also these lovely dishcloths. Great gift idea!

Both found on Aunt Em's studio.