7 March 2014

Amen-Hat I hat pattern

This pattern is for a single colour hat. 
When changing colour in ribbing, knit one round in the new colour, then return to K1, P1.
To achieve the chevron style stripes in the body of the hat, knit one round of each colour.

Super Bulky
6mm needles for casting on.
4mm, 80cm circular (for Magic Loop or DPNs).
8mm, 60cm circular or DPNs

Using 6mm needles, CO 64 stitches using a stretchy cast on, such as the Chinese Waitress cast on.
Join work, switch to 4mm needles and K1, P1 until work measures 8-10cms.

Switch to 8mm needles and knit until work measures the required length.
This hat is designed to be extra long/tall, so I worked 26cms.
Place a marker.
To shape the crown, K8, K2tog eight times.
This should bring you back to the marker.
Knit the next round, and every alternate round.
For the next decrease round, K7, K2tog, eight times.
Then, K6, K2tog eight times, knit a round, K5, K2tog, eight times, knit a round, K4, K2tog eight times, knit a round, K3, K2tog eight times, knit a round...

Then K2tog all the way around until there are 10 - 12 stitches left.
Cut the yarn, thread onto a darning needle and throught the live stitches. Pull tight to close and sew in the ends.

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