7 March 2014

Garter Broken Rib Hat Pattern

Any Super Bulky (Naturgarn Soft)
6mm or 8mm

Using 6mm or 8 mm needles, CO 60 stitches.

The difference in needles size gives a different texture and size - smaller gauge needles produce smaller hat with a firmer, less flexible fabric.

Join the work and K3, P1 until work measures 6-13 cms (personal preference)

At the start of a group of 3 knit stitches, place a marker.
K3, P1 for 2 rounds.
Purl one round.
Repeat these three rows unitl work measures 26-28cms.

K2tog until there are 10 stitches left.

Cut yarn, thread onto a darning needle and thread through the ten stitches. Pull tight and weave in loose ends.

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