16 March 2014

Updated Double Twist Hat pattern!

Double stranded DK.
6mm & 7mm circular or DPNs + 7mm DPNs, or 80cm or longer circular for Magic Loop knitting.

Using 6mm needles, CO 62 stitches - I recommend the Chinese Waitress cast on method.
Join work and K1, P1 until work measures 4cm - 7cms, depending on personal preference.

Please Note: 
This pattern is written to minimise purl knitting, therefore, it's worked with the wrong side facing front.

Switch to 7mm needles and place a marker.

*P12, Knit to marker. Repeat from * until work measures 14cm

At the marker, C12B, purlwise. Knit to marker.

*P12, Knit to marker. Repeat from * for another 12 rows, or until work measures 20cm

Repeat the cable row (At the marker, C12B, purlwise. Knit to marker.)

*P12, Knit to marker. Repeat from * for two rows

To Shape the Crown
(Switch to DPNs or the long circular needle when necessary)

Row1: At marker P5 P2tog, P5, *Ktog, K3. repeat from * to marker
Row2: P5, P2tog, P4, knit to Marker
Row3: P4, P2tog, P4, *K2tog, K2 Repeat from * to marker
Row4: P4, P2tog, P3, Knit to marker
Row5: P3, P2tog, P3, *K2tog, K1 Repeat from * to marker
Row6: P3, P2tog, P2, Knit to marker
Row7: P2, P2tog, P2, K2tog, to marker
Row8: P2tog, three times, K2tog to marker
Row9: K2tog until less than 8 stitches remain.

Cut yarn, thread onto tapestry needle, transfer stitches from knitting needle to tapestry needle, pull tight to close the hole and weave in all loose ends.

To see other people's Double Twist hats, click on image above to go to the Ravelry page! :)

Thanks to Wanda, for helping improve this pattern!

If you use this pattern, please leave a comment. 
If you have any questions or suggestions on how it could be improved, please contact me.


  1. This is a great pattern. Quick and easy. Thanks !

  2. Wow it's so cute! Do you think this pattern could be knitted up flat on straight needles and seamed up?

  3. What does it mean C12B.... I guess is cable 12 stitches...... what B stand for?

    1. Hello Blanca, sorry for the delay.
      I think I mean 'back'. I was new to cabling when I made up this pattern. I hope that makes sense.