13 September 2015

Baby Geometry?

I'm taking a break from this, having ensured that it's at a stage where it could be called finished, in case I don't return to it.

I would like to knit the border half-triangles, but I'm going to wait with that too. I need to decide if I'll make it a full size blanket or leave at this baby blanket size.

Sewing the triangles together was blissful! I'll definitely use this technique again. I've learned quite a lot (made quite a few mistakes, that is) on this one, so hopefully he next one will be even more of a joy.

9 September 2015

New Geometry blanket progress II

The original calculations for this blanket would have yielded something much bigger than I imagined.

I've sewn together most the pieces I've made so far, and it's just a quarter of the original intended size, which was 9 triangles by 12.

This one is 4 by six and it's not far off a decent sized blanket.

I think 6 by 8 will be sufficient.


Me on it... for size comparison.

End to be woven in later.

7 September 2015

New Geometry blanket progress

I've decided to have a break from knitting and start sewing these together.

Due to the overwhelming presence of the isocelese triangle pattern - as mainstream as television commercials, no less - I'm not as enthusiastic about this project as I was at the outset.

I've decided to knit five more triangles, to produce a small, lap blanket,  and take a break from it.

Neither does it help that I've had an idea for another project that I'm really excited about! More about that in a larger post.