Reverse Ski Hat pattern

My son's initials.

Yarn: Aran/DK+4ply. Drops Lima + Drops Aplaca
Needles: 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm

Use 6mm needles to CO 72.
Switch to 4.5mm. K2, P2 for 4cm
Switch to 5.5mm, knit for 12cm.
Switch to 6mm. Knit til work measures 17cm
Place marker. K10, K2tog. Repeat to marker.
Knit every other round
K9, K2tog
K8, K2tog
K7, K2tog
K6, K2tog
K5, K2tog
K4, K2tog
K3, K2tog
K2tog to marker.
Knit one more round then finish hat.
Sew in end on the smooth knit side. The reverse side is the right side.