Free Knitting Patterns

Due to a biological (not technical) malfunction, all the links on this page are dead.

I'm working on fixing the problem.

If you like, you can use the name of the pattern you're looking for or just the word 'pattern' in the search widget on the home page.


These links are live:

Silja & Reggie Toe Up Socks
Double Twist Hat
Dear John Hat
Wave Hat
Stocking and Garter Hat
Hattie Hat


Below is a list of links to my own original patterns posted on this blog. Please keep in mind that all of my knitting 'patterns' are very basic, more like an outline or guideline. I'm not a professional knitter or patternmaker. I just keep a record of my creations and share them publicly.

If you have any problems following my instructions, please contact me with any questions or queries. I do appreciate any kind of feedback and your criticism might help improve the pattern.

All hats are knitted in the round, unless otherwise stated.

Here's a link to the Gallery, which is a visual catalogue of all of the patterns here. (the Gallery is under construction/not all patterns a represented, yet)

Silja & Reggie Socks
Double Twist hat
Stocking and Garter hat
Octoberry hat
56 Double hat 
Dear John hat
Blue Cortina hat
Hattie Hat
Nedal hat reversible
Baby/Child Ear Flaps
Findings Headsock #Stashbuster hat 
Striped Light #Stashbuster hat Easy Crown
Striped Light #StashBuster hat 
New Rose in Town hat
Baby Pointed Beanie hat
(OLD) Double Twist hat
88 Slouch hat
Shogun hat
Alpaca Draw String Hat Cowl
Mandolin Cable Motif hat 
Moss Rib Slouch hat
'Cotton Light' Headsock (hat)
Today Is Saturday hat
Slope and Bubble hat


  1. So many fine hats pattern you share with us, Thanks :)
    All the best, Lisbeth

  2. Aaaaarrrgggghhh - already got loads of WIPs - now I see your patterns I want to try them all - using my newly learned norwegian knitting technique of course! ;) :)

  3. Thanks, Sue! :)
    And I know exactly what you mean! I get ideas for patterns all the time - I'm working on one now and I've got ideas for two more in my head, plus loads in my notebook, AND I've got three wips on the go. Just have to be patient! (grrrrr!)
    The good thing about my patterns, though, is that they're nearly all hats and mostly just knit stitch (perfect for practising!). As long as your wrists/hands are up to it, you can easily finish a hat over a weekend - good TV, regular tea breaks... heaven! ;)