Cast-on Methods

I'm in the process of looking for the ideal cast on for the hat rim. Of course it has to give, but it also can't be baggy and loose, like some sock cast ons.

This is a tubular cast on as demonstrated here.

This is ok, but not as neat as I would like. I wont use it again.

At the moment I'm using one of these:
A) the provisional cast on, starting by knitting the rim, casting off, then knitting the rest of the hat. This works well, but it's a bit of a faff. I'll try this version of it next, I think.
B) the old Norwegian cast on, which I love doing, but it's bit hard on my hands and it's not always as stretchy as I'd like.

Here's a playlist I'm putting together on YouTube, of any cast on methods I think look interesting, or that I might try for my hats.


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