Crown Down Hat and Baby Beanie 21.12.12

I finished the crown down hat. What a waste of time! It was so difficult to work. I couldn't hold the work the usual way because it was a solid lump, and in the end, the cast off process was very disappointing. After three failed attempt (or more - I lost count) I ended up switching to a 1x1 rib and casting off like that.

Also this evening I decided to make the hat for my nephew that I was sure I wouldn't finish in time (so didn't bother to start). And whadayaknow? it took me all of 3 hours!
 As usual, I made it up as I went along, so it was all very hit and miss, but I'm so happy with the result I'm going to post the pattern. =D

(pictures for both, I'll post tomorrow. Wasted now, I am!)

I wrapped and gave the baby beanie before taking pictures... Like a fool.

This is the crown down hat.


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