Current Projects 17.12.12 - Christmas

The Christmas Spirit seems to have forgotten where I live this year. I'm knitting hats for myself and not even thinking about Christmas shopping. Here's 3 of 4 I've got on the go.

Project #1
This started as an experiment. I'm still not sure what it'll be... a headband, I think. The purpose was to try out Double Knitting. I chose two scraps from my stash, randomly cast on 27 stitches and started knitting.

One ball Drops Baby Merino in grey, one ball Viking Nordlys.

 I don't know how or why, but the different yarns are showing up on their respective same sides each time.

 This is the chain stitch selvedge.

Project #2

I'm really pissed off with every kind of cast on I've tried lately. I love the process of casting on, but I don't like the look of it on the hat rim - which is quite an important aspect of the hat. I will find one - there are so many left to try!

In desperation, I decided to start a hat from the crown, because I love the look of a cast off edge, which is what I want from a cast on.

Using 8mm DP needles, with one ball of Juvel one ball of Safirgarn, I cast on 8 stitches.
Knitting in the round, I made one for every stitch for two rows, then knit one row, then did a K1, M1 row, Knit a row, K2, M1 row, Knit a row, K3, M1 row, and so on, until I had 80 stsitches. Knit a few rows, then switched to a circular needle.

Knitting together, one ball of Juvel  one ball of Safirgarn. (Ravelry links)

This hole will be sewn shut.

Increasing from the crown, a row of made stitches.

Project #3
This is not a pleasant yarn to work with! I need a hat that I can wear that isn't too warm, so I started this 100% cotton Mandarin Petit. I've already started the post for the pattern, but I might abondon it in its current form and use an alternative yarn. If anyone has any suggestions for a stretchy, natural yarn that's cool enough to wear indoors, please leave a comment.

 Made stitch
Inside out?


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