Moss Rib Slouch Hat pattern

Yarn: multi-coloured Viking Nordlys and black Viking Sportsragg worked together throughout.
Or use any single Aran weight yarn
Needles: 4.5mm &  6mm + 6mm DPNs

On 4.5 needles CO 88st
Join work to knit in the round and K2, P2 until work measures 12cm.
Switch to 6mm needles and place a marker.
1st row: K3, P1 rep. to marker.
2nd row: P1,K1 *P3,K1 repeat from * to last two stitches,P2.
Repeat these two rows until work measures 25cms from CO edge.

Switch to dpneedles and knit 2 tog until eight stitches are left.
Thread yarn though stitch loops to close.
Weave in ends and wash before wearing.

More pics! (Ravelry link)

If you use this pattern, please leave a comment. If you have any questions or suggestions on how it could be improved, please contact me.


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