Slope and Bubble Hat

Revised Version

This is a super easy, fast growing hat, with great texture and volume.

Yarn: any DK yarn. 2 x 50g balls ( a small hat might only require one ball, but I've never tested this theory)
Needles: 4.5mm, 40cm circular. 6mm, 40cm & 60cm circular and/or DPNs.

For a large hat, like the one pictured, CO 64 stitches. 
If you want to make a smaller hat, CO 56, or 60 stitches for a medium size.

Join work and K1, P1 (Alternatively, K2, P2 as shown on the green hat pictured below) 
Repeat, until work measures 10cms, or less if desired. This is the ribbed brim of the hat. If you want a shallower brim, you'll get more of a beret shaped hat. I suggest a minimum of a 4-5cm brim.

Next, place a marker.
Row 1: *YF, K2tog. Repeat from * to the marker. 
(there's a video demonstration for this stitch at the end of the post)
Row 2: Knit every stitch, to the marker.

Repeat these two rows until work measures 25cms.
Remove the marker and K2tog, until only 10 stitches remain.

Finish the hat. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail of about 20cms. Thread it onto a darning needle and through the 10 stitches. Pull tight and weave into the inside of the hat.
Weave in any remaining loose ends and you're done!

Here's the lovely Judy graham demonstration the Like Lace variation 3 knitting stitch, which was the inspiration for this hat.


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