New Rose in Town pattern

Yarn:  Spar Kjøp Spar Garn or any DK, 8ply yarn
Needles:  (6mm, for casting on) 4mm, 4.5mm + 4.5 DPN

CO 96st (using 6mm needles)
Using 4mm, K3, P3 for  10cm
Switch to 4.5 mm, place a marker and alternate the K3, P3 row with a knit row.
(1st row: Knit to marker. 2nd row: K3, P3 to marker. Repeat these two rows)

Continue until work measures 26cm from rim.

Crown. (switch to DPNs when necessary.
K2tog to marker.
Knit  1 row/round
K2tog until there are 9 stitches left. Cut yarn, thread onto a darning needle and sew/weave in loose ends.

For the hat in the pictures, I've use three colours. Each stripe is four rows. 
Make all colour changes on a knit row, as explained below:
1st row: Knit - change to new colour
2nd row: K3,P3 
3rd row: Knit
4th row: K3,P3
5th row: Knit - change to new colour

(TED Talks... good knitting TV.)

For a nice loose and stretchy rim, I used 6mm needles to cast on, 
using the Old Norwegian cast on method. Here's a good tutorial.

If you use this pattern, please leave a comment. 
If you have any questions or suggestions on how it could be improved, 
please contact me.


  1. Hi Karen! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this pattern. I had been struggling for a while to find a hat/beanie pattern that was easy to understand. I have been knitting for a while but never attempted to knit a beanie. After knitting this pattern I was able to knit tons of hats and beanies! I went hat crazy. (; I made a few adjustments to the pattern which can be viewed on my Raverly account here:

    Thank you again. Do you think you could write and post a pattern for mittens? I would LOVE that! *hugs*



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