Dreamy Symfonie Wood Starter Set from Issy's Knitting barn

I've wanted some of these gorgeous wooden multi-coloured needles since I first laid eyes on them!
I finally gave in and bought myself this starter set online from Issy's Knitting Barn.

When the set arrived it was sealed and the cables are sealed in these little bags. The pack contains
three sets of needles, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, and three cables 60cm, 80cm and 100cm.

My pack had 2x60cm cables and one 80cm. No 100cm. I sent Issy an email and I received a 100cm cable a few days later. Excellent service! I highly recommend Issy's Knitting Barn! She/he is not a friend of mine and I'm not getting anything for free, so trust me when I say it's 'top dollar'! =)

The tips are super pointy and the surface super smooth!
The needles have the size printed on them and the join is very smooth
although you do need to tighten them well otherwise they come undone while you're knitting. 


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