400 stitch cast on!

Onr of the things I love about knitting hats, is also one of the things I don't like about knitting hats. 
On average, I finish a hat in a few days - a day, if I really go for it - which means I have to make a decision every few days on what to knit next.

I decided to knit something that would take a long time, to have in reserve to knit in between hats. I chose to knit a giant one of these.

Here's the Ravelry link... by verylisa. (the pattern link is dead on date of publishing.) 
It's knitted in the round from the outside in. There's no pattern and I couldn't find a similar one so I made it up, using the basic mitred square pattern. I cast on 100 stitches, placed a marker and repeated this for 400 stitches with three markers. Placed a marker and joined the work.

We'll see how it goes! =)

Here's my tip for a long long tail cast on.


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