And now for something completely different

This is the cushion so far. It's a real challenge to just physically manage such a large project.

Up until about an hour ago, I had all of the 400 stitches on one 80cm circular needle! While having a break and looking at patterns on Ravelry, I saw a baby blanket pattern that called for three circular needles! Why didn't I think of that?

It really hasn't made it easier to manage - the needles get tangled in each other, the work has room to sprial out of control!... - but it has made it a lot easier to actually work/knit and to keep track of how many stitches I have and where I am in the work.

I don't think I've done myself any favours working with such a disparate needle : yarn weight ratio.

CD for size comparison.
I'm using these great little point guards to secure the ends of the needles,
so that I don't have to worry about losing stitches.

10mm needles, with DK yarn. (US: 15 needles/ 8 ply yarn. UK: 000 needles DK yarn)

Stitch markers to mark the decrease positions.

Row marker, to marke the start or the new row.
I'm using green on the rows that I need to decrease, and red for the regular knit rows.


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