Hattie Hat knitting pattern

A super simple, single colour slouch beanie hat.

Needles: 7mm or 8mm circular for the rib, 10mm circular and 10mm double pointed needles (DPNs)
Yarn: Super bulky (5-6 wpi)

Using 7 or 8 mm needles (and the Old Norwegian cast on method) cast on 50 stitches.
K1 P1 until work measures 5-8cm (personal preferance)
Switch to 10cm needles and knit until work measures 18cm (from cast on edge)

Switch to double pointed needles when necessary. Place Marker

*K8, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker
Knit every other row/round.
*K7, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker
*K6, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker
*K5, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker
*K4, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker
*K3, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker

(The next two rounds*** are optional - I've had feedback that the crown can be a little pointed.)
***K2, K2tog. Repeat from * to marker
***K1, K2tog. Repeat from * 

K2tog until there are 6/8/10 stitches left.

Cut yarn, leaving a 25/30cm tail.

Thread the loose end onto a darning/tapestry needle.
Beginning with the stitch you would knit, if you were to knit, thread the tail through all the stitches and remove the knitting needles.
Pull the tail tight to close up the hole.
Sew through to the inside of the hat and sew/weave in the loose end.
This finishing technique is demonstrated beautifully in this video by Judy Graham.


  1. thank you for this pattern. I've just made two beanies from it.
    just so you know, the next one I'm going to cast off earlier as I find it a little pointy.
    thanks again

    1. Thanks, purple! Are you on Ravelry? I'd love to see them! 😊
      aka HattieMyLove

  2. After the row k3, k2tog I skippes to k2tog for the entire next round and finished with a tapestry needle and it looks great. Thanks so much!

    1. That's great. I think I'll make a note in the pattern. ;-)


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