New Project, New Geometry

Triangles! I wanted a specific type of triangle, a tall, isosceles triangle, to be precise.
I couldn't find a pattern or a How to video, so I made one up. Here it is.

(These will be shrunk)

For these particular triangles (the finished project will be shared when it's done) I've used Safirgarn, which is DK, and size 10mm needles. (I've actually got one 10mm and 9mm... whoops!)

CO 2st

All rows begin with a S1. All M1 stitches are Knit into the front and the back, Kfb.

1:  M1, K1
2:  S1p, K2
3:  S1p, M1, K1
4  S1p, K1, PM, K2
5: (attach a marker to indicate that this is the front of the work) Work a Make Row.

A Make Row consists of, slip the first stitch purlwise, knit up to one stitch before the marker, then work a M1 either before the marker or after the marker.

The stitches before the marker and after the marker are where the increase happens.

You can determine whether to increase before or after the marker simply by counting how many stitches there are on either side. If the stitches are even, work a M1 before the marker. If there is an odd number of stitches, then work a M1 on whichever side needs an extra stitch.

Alternate a Make Row with a knit row until you have 16 stitches, or the desired amount of stitches. This can be any amount, as long as there is an equal number of stitches either side of the marker.

Cast off.

I will post the half triangle instructions at another time... it's been a long day!


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