I've just finished my favourite new hat! I need to document a few things, because, as usual , I didn't take any notes of any kind.

CO 5stitches, super bulky, 8mm needles.
Knit every row, until work measures 17cms (17 bumps of garter stitch)
Join work and switch to 6mm circular needles.

Work K1, P1 for 10 rounds. The odd number of stitches produce moss/seed stitch.

Place marker.
Work crown (8 stitch decrease)
*(K1, P1) 3 times, (6 stitches) P2tog. Repeat from * to the last 3 st, P3tog.
Work a row of moss, every other row.

Keep working the decrease rows in moss - this is just a matter of paying attention to the stitches.

At first I worked K2tog for every decrease, then I did P2tog... next time I'll try staying in pattern.

When there are 21st left, P2tog until 10 st remain.
Cut yarn and finish hat.
Sew up seam and weave in ends.

More pictures to follow. 


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