Oh Joy! 10 Stitch Blanket Project

After all that heavy knitting with 10mm needles, I really needed a break.

I saw the video tutorial for this pattern a while ago (published 28th August, 2013), and was really intrigued, although I didn't imagine getting into it so quickly. Nor did I expect to enjoy it so much!

Here's a link to the free Ravelry pattern and a link to Staci Perry's video tutorial.

I'm very much a visual learner, so there's no way I'd have attempted this if it weren't for Staci's video!
I did download the pattern, but I haven't even glanced at it!

I'm using my beloved Safigarn, as I might felt this when it's done - I'm not making a blanket... I don't think.

I'm using 5.5mm needles, which are bigger than the recommended size for this yarn. I just really needed to use the gauge that was the most comfortable for my hands.

Updates will follow.


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