Learn to Knit!

My mother taught me to knit when I was a small child. When I was a teenager I knitted all kinds of weird sweaters and cardigans, none which have survived.

There were lots of things I didn't know how to do, and if my mom or my aunt Theresa couldn't help me, I just had to try and figure it out on my own.

Now though, we have You Tube. The great thing about learning by video is that you have the added bonus of being able to pause and rewind if there's something you need to see again! The trouble is, there are so many videos and so many channels, it's hard to know where to start.

The, hands-down, best knitting teaching channels on You Tube are Very Pink Knits and Knitting Tips by Judy.

Very Pink
Staci Parry of Very Pink Knits is a knitting teacher "in the real world" and her partner is a professional video maker, so the combination is excellent. Really good quality videos, often with subtitles, and very clear, patient instructions. These are in depth knitting lesson, like going to a class, and sometimes more than 30 minutes long. I watch these sometimes when I'm down about not being able to knit.

Here's an ad for her channel.

Staci also designs knitwear, so you can download her patterns from the website, then get help on how to knit it.
Here are links to her website and You Tube channel.

Knitting Tips by Judy

A knitting master who is very close to my heart is Judy Graham of Knitting Tips by Judy. When I first got back into knitting after years of being ill, Judy's were some of the first tutorial videos I saw that really made sense and were easy to follow... She's also got a really calming voice and manner and her videos and really short and to the point.

Judy is a professional knitter and designer. She has been knitting for years and she and her company, Topaz Knitwear are responsible for knitted garments on many Hollywood film and television productions, such as Big Bang Theory, Waterworld, Mousehunt and Nightmare on Elm Street... also, you might recongnise these.

Barbara Streisand
Dianne Keaton

Here are links to Judy's blog, website and You Tube channel.

Both Staci and Judy also have a Facebook page.
Very Pink on Facebook
Knitting Tips by Judy on Facebook

A real bonus for me was to see Judy and Staci together in a video. It's the second one they've done together. In the first, Staci was interviewing Judy. Here Judy interviews Staci.


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