One of the hardest aspects of not being able to knit is the feeling that my ability stagnates. While I'm able to knit, I'm constantly trying out new things, techniques, ideas... when I can't knit, all I can do is imagine and watch videos.

Here's a video that's inspirationa dn the idea looks so accessible.

I've wanted to make a shawl for years, but i don't have the patience to knit those really long rows. I can go around and around knitting 400+ stitches, but there's something about going back and forth that really does not appeal to me. Silly really, I know (I'm the same with walking - I have to walk a route that means goind around in a circle, rather than walking so far, then turning back... what does it all mean?!).

Anyway, I found this shawl, which I will definitely make this year, at some point.


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