New Geometry Blanket, maths revision

Well, maths has never been my strong point! I had worked out the amount of triangles needed to make a blanket that was 9 triangles by 12 triangles. 

Yes, the blanket will be 9 triangles wide, but 9 point up triangles wide, meaning there also needs to be 9 inverted triangles for each non-inverted one, doubling the amount of triangles needed!

 The picture shows that 9 triangles isn't wide enough for a blanket.
Even sewn together, as you can see by the five below.

... I love the 'zipped up' look of the seams!

Also, I'm using all the colours I've already bought, including the blue and the orange, because the cat got into the bag I was storing them in and I won't be able to return them tangles and chewed!

I also bought some neutral/white coloured yarn today. The original cushion cover had some of it in, and I realised how important it is to the design.

There's also black, I notice now, so I'll add that too.


  1. What method of seam sewing did you use? It looks so neat and pretty! :)

    1. I'm not sure what it's called. I'll see if I can find a video. 😊

    2. Here it is! It's called mattress stitch.
      I did it a little differently than is illustrated in this video. She actually mentioned that some people go into the first bump on the other side - you'll know what I mean when you watch the video - that's what I do. It actually makes the seam look the same on both sides and the work lies really flat. Good luck! 😊


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