Goodbye Hattie, My Love.

I decided to rename my knitting blog. I wanted something that would be easy to pronounce in both English and Norwegian and, as my primary focus is no longer hats, I also wanted something a bit more generic.

I decided to 'try out' Karn Knits, and went ahead and changed the name, only to realise that it meant that I'd killed Hattie. I didn't mean to. Manslaughter, rather than murder, if you will.

So, the blog known as HattieMyLove, and every link across the world wide web associated with it, are dead, including most of the links within this blog and on the Facebook page.

I'm working on fixing the problem - I've already re-animated a few links - and fortunately there's a holiday coming up, so I might get it completed over the next week or so.

Bear with me.



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