Lima Drops Mittens

I have these mittens that I've knitted in Drops Nepal. They are really basic and the warmest mittens I've ever owned.

Unfortunately they're this undyed, natural colour, which means they look really shabby, even though they are clean.

Because of the challenge I've set myself, to use up all of my existing yarn before buying any new yarn -at which point I will also attempt to remain stashless! - I have to use the yarn I have. 

I have Drops Lima, but not Nepal, which is the same aplaca to wool ratio, but DK rather than Aran weight.

I'm going to work out and publish the pattern for both. The pattern will be a single colour design, but I also want to knit something like this.

I found these images on a Russian website, with no pattern. I think I can work out something similar.


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