This is a new style of sock pattern for me, with an afterthought heel.

Here's a link to my tutorial for Judy's Magic cast on.

If you have any issues, questions or feedback, please email me directly at

There are two versions, one with colourwork SUGAR SOKKER based on this Dale sock pattern,

and one using regular single colour or variegated yarn, PSYCHOKNITTER socks. (click on the links for PDF downloads).

I will test the stranded version myself at some point, but I thought I'd make it public here before putting it up on Ravelry. I also plan to create a gusset heel version on the Sugar Sokker socks, but I don't know when that'll happen.

I've knit the non-stranded type several times now, but I need an objective eye to tell me if it's workable as a written pattern.

Visual aid:

Picking up the stitches either side of the heel. I pick up extra stitches either siide of the scrap yarn. This means no hole to sew afterwards.
Here's a pic.

For more pics find me on Instagram @karnknits

The Sugar Sokker socks are inspired by this Norwegian sock pattern from Dale.


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