Hattie My Love!

There was a time when all I knitted was hats. I used Ravelry and this blog (then named Hattie My Love) as a way of keeping track of what I'd done and how I'd done it, in case it was worth doing again.

Yesterday evening, I realised the value of keeping the blog up to date. I met a woman who has absolutely no social media presence. For a moment I was stumped. How will she see all my glorious work?! I wondered.

So, I was inspired to return to my first love in terms of online communication and keep this blog up to date. Exciting!

Here are few pics, previously uploaded elsewhere.

This is the result of creating hat patterns... a pile of hats!
If you want one, or want you can pay for the cost of the yarn, plus postage and I'll send it to you.
I'll dedicate a post to this later.


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