New Bold Dream

Last Exit hat

This blog is currently being overhauled... Yes, it's a mess, I know it's a mess, but such is the nature of creativity. :)

Karn Knits is now part of Karen Karn design. I’m a self-employed designer in the process of turning this hobby into my main source of income. Therefore, most of the patterns on this blog will no longer be free, but available for purchase in the shop. This also means that many of the links are dead.

I'm working on the website and the shop and hope to do a full launch in the near future!

As the patterns are now for purchase, I’ve raised the standard and provided additional information, such as gauge and quantities of yarn which are missing from most of the free patterns.
Some patterns will remain forever free - you can find links here.

I'll continue to focus on hats and socks, with the addition of mittens, scarves, and neck warmers. Some of these will be combined to make matching sets.

To keep up to date with all the latest news and developments, go to the Connect page.
If the pattern you’re looking for isn’t in the shop yet, please contact me at


Into The Rain hat

Striped Light hat


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