Knitting Help - Making Stitches

Here's how to M1R (Make 1 Right), M1L (Make 1 Left) and make new stitches at the end of a row.

Instructional videos are my preferred method of learning new tips, tricks and techniques, but some people find written instructions much easier to follow. Below are both video tutorials and written instructions.

Video Tutorials
Here are links to my preferred M1L and M1R YouTube video tutorials. 

1. Sheep & Stitch  M1 increases  (4 minutes 31 seconds)
2. B. Hooked Crochet & Knitting M1 increases  (2 minutes 28 seconds)

Written Instructions

M1R & M1L produce very neat, leaning increases.

Here's how to do it.

Between the tips of your two knitting needles, find the strand of yarn that goes from the stitch below the last stitch on the right hand needle and the first stitch on your left hand needle. This strand will be referred to as the bar.

For M1R, pick up the bar from behind - put the tip of your left needle under the bar in through the back, out through the front. (if this is tricky, pick up the bar with your right needle and transfer it unto you left needle)
Now knit into the front of this new loop.

Please note, knitting through the front of this new loop will be challenging as the front part is tight. 
If it's not tight, and the needle goes in easy, chances are you've made a mistake at some point, so you'll need to start again.

For M1L, pick up the bar from the front - put the tip of your left hand needle under the bar, in through the front out through the back.
Now knit into the back of this new loop.

To make new stitches, simply wrap the working yarn around your right hand needle as many times as necessary (eg: to make 4 stitches, wrap yarn 4 times)
On the following round/row, knit these loops as thought they are regular stitches.


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