Regia Pairfect Sock Yarn Review

For more on my experience with the yarn and see my finished Pairfect sock, see this post.

I'd give this yarn a 5/10. I won't be using it again. It cost more than I think it's worth, and I didn't like the restrictions of the self changing, pre-designed effect.

First of all, I'd like to address the 'value for money' aspect. Although I really love my finished socks, I found the yarn to be unexceptional, given the fact that it costs more than what I'd pay for a regular sock yarn of the same weight. Also I found three instances of thick, scratchy nylon fibres which were very difficult to remove. Pulling didn't work. I had to snip and extract with pointed tweezers.
Here's the biggest one. Cotton bud is for size reference.

It doesn't look like much, but there's no way I could have worn these without removing it as it was sharp and scratchy, like a cut hair in your collar after you've been to the hairdresser's, or a feather sticking out of a cushion.

Then there's the waste. All that beautiful bright yellow yarn and the unused 'toe' yarn, a total of 50g.

Of course I can use it up - I will use it up - but that's not the point. If I'm going to spend money on yarn, I'd rather not spend it on something I know will result on one third of it being consigned to the #stashbuster project list. I have enough of that yarn already.

I do love my finished socks, but I would love them just as much if I'd used one of the many other 6-ply sock yarns produced by Regia and other yarn houses.


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