Honey, Sugar, Sukker, Sokker, Socks

The word for sugar in Norwegian is sukker. The word for socks is sokker.
I love language and playing around with words and sounds, so I chose the name Sugar Sokker for a sock pattern I published last year.

The pattern features stranded colourwork and an afterthought heel, and it I struggled to get it on my foot because of my exceptionally high arch.

So, I designed a new pattern, using the same colourwork design, but this time with a short gusset and named them Honey Sugar Socks.

As always I called for test knitters and as always one or more of the test knitters didn't hold up their end of the bargain and, after receiving the test pattern, I never heard from them again.

This happens every time and I'm often left with one or two trusty testers who give me exactly what I asked for. With the Honey Sugar socks I was extremely fortunate to have three great testers.

Maria McBride
Maria used a 4ply self striping sock yarn from 'Knit or Dye' in colourway 'Eqwoolity' and 4ply Skinny Sock from 'Yarn Trader' in coloured 'Haversham Cream.'


Caroline Mott
Caroline used Drops Nord and a self-dyed 4ply merino/nylon sock wool 



Eva Weyer 
Eva used yarn Drops Fabel for the blue grey contrast colour and Regia Trend Shiné.

The Honey Sugar sock pattern is available in the Ravelry store and on Etsy.
It's curently only available in English, but I hope to get the Norwegian version up before the launch of the website (I don't know when that will be!).

Because of the work that went into creating this pattern, I can now use it as a template for other sock designs! The plan is to create a system where buy customers can purchase the pattern can purchase the subsequent charts for all of the socks in the series, without having to pay for a new pattern every time.  đŸ˜‰

I already have a new design ready to roll... haven't settled on a name, yet... any ideas?


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