22 March 2013

Bolsos en Fique

Some groovy, fun handbags and possible inspiration for craft projects... Google Images search results for 'bolsos en fique'. From what I can gather, that is Spanish for 'sisal handbags'.

"Sisal is an agave that yields a stiff fibre traditionally used in making twinerope and also dartboards. The term may refer either to the plant or the fibre, depending on context. It is sometimes incorrectly referred to as sisal hemp because hemp was for centuries a major source for fibre, so other fibres were sometimes named after it."
from Wikipedia

It sounds and looks a bit scratchy, something I am not a fan of in any way shape or form, but the ideas, patterns and colourways could be applied to knitting or felting!

Finger Knitting, iCord and Arm Knitting

Finger knitting and icord knitting produce the same kind of long, thin rope of 'plaited' yarn.

Jump to the bottom of this post for links to video tutorials on how to finger knit, icord and arm knit.

Knitted icord rope.

Finger knitted rope.

Here are the main differences between the two. 

The icord is knitted with double pointed needles into a closed tube. Knitting over three or four stitches, you can choose what size needle you use and what weight of yarn, so there's room for a wider variety of expressions. You can easily put your work down and pick it up again.

Finger knitting is a three or four stitch, flat strip that curls, the way all stocking stitch work curls. This curl gives the illusion of a tube. With finger knitting, you're limited to the size of your fingers! You can still vary the weight of the yarn, but a very fine yarn, for example, would result in a very loose knit. With finger knitting, it's not so easy to put down your work, and finding a way to hold the live stitches is something to consider.

The end result, though, is pretty much the same. The finished rope can be used as it is or incorporated into other projects in a variety of ways. Here are some examples.

(All of the following images are sourced from the net, using 'icord'
All images should have a click through link.)

The edge of a garment.

The handles of a bag.


Straps to tie something on/closed.

As a decorative feature. 
Sale Pillow Knitted Appliqued Quilted  I Cord Gold Celtic

It can also be used alone as a scarf.
Gray i-cord cowl, scarf, necklace, infinity scarf, neck warmer

Even jewellery!
Women's Wrap Bracelet - KNITTING PATTERN - Rustic I Cord

The possibilities are endless!
knitted shoelaces made from i-cord

My favourite use of the finished product, is to knit it again, using arm knitting.

Here are the best video tutorials I've found demonstrating finger knitting, icord knitting and arm knitting!

21 March 2013

Easy as Pie blanket

From Knitty.com, a free pattern for a great blanket!


I'm taking a break from knitting. I'm going to pack up all my yarn and needles and try to forget about them for a while. My hands and arms are aching, even when I'm not knitting, so the thought of picking up my current project makes my heart sink. This happens about once a year and I have to find other ways of satisfying my creative urges.

Time to polish my photography skills, I think. :)

20 March 2013

Goodbye, old friend.

I've had this thing that I made, lying around, in a little bag, for over a year. It was a length of finger knitted yarn, which was then arm knitted into a... thing. 

Three stitches!

Finger knitted 'yarn'.
I'm going to unpick it and use it on a cushion with the brown I bought on Monday. :D

19 March 2013

QR Code!

I've just made this. My phone is over there, so I haven't tested it yet. If you try it, let me know how it goes. X

Felted Cushion - Day Three

My hands have been aching today, and I realise now, why that is. I've knitted, in three days, what it would normally take a week to knit! I've just been so excited about this project! :D

Need to take a break for a couple of days!

16 March 2013

Felted Cushion - Day One

(Need a name for this cushion... )

I had trouble getting off to sleep last night, I was so excited about starting this project!
I need to take a break now... maybe a couple of days, to rest my hands and shoulders.
I'm really pleased with how easy this is compared to that mammoth one!

I'm using my stash. I was going to go shopping today and buy a load of Safirgarn form Spar Kjøp, but I remembered all the Raggegarn I have... loads of it! So, I'm going to use up what I've got, while perfecting the method. :)

15 March 2013



Out shopping today, I bumped into my friend Rigmor. She recommended this site to me and I got all excited because it has patterns in Norwegian and English.

They have patterns for every size of human, as well as for the home.

I'm going start translating my patterns into Norwegian, so I'll use these patterns as reference... I'm excited!

Thanks, Rigmor! :)

New project - Cotton Light Cowl

I'm in love with this scarf my sister knitted, but, with it being so cold, I need to wear my big down coat whenever I go out, so the scarf is too big.
Today, I bought two balls of the last of the old style Cotton Light from Små Skatter.
I saw a video by iKNITS on how to knit a cowl with the herringbone stitch and it looks easy.
I'm going to make a little, herringbone cowl, maybe a hat/cowl, to wear with my giant coat!

iKNITS herringbone video tutorial in the round:

CraftDknits video tutorial, straight knitting:

Finished Felted Block Pillow!

The black wool, Safirgarn, from Spar Kjøp, is really ideal for felting... and it's cheap! Only 11 kroner for 50g. It creates a solid, even fabric, with no holes and no shedding.

The grey Mor Aase is ok, but loses a lot of fibres in the wash, which then 'contaminate' everything else... including the washing machine, I imagine. :s

The white and yellow is Rubin. NOT ideal. I wont be using that again.

The finished square was much bigger than I wanted it to be, so I got creative. The black square was the perfect size.

Sewn on the sewing machine. 
Not finished... a bit messy, but it's only the back. =)

14 March 2013

Felted Block Pillow... Finished stage two. Felted!

In the absence of any proper before and after measurements, here's a before and after photo! =)

Felted Block Pillow - finished stage one

Holding my breath! I've just put this in the washing machine to felt!

Cotton Light Headsock II

Drops no longer make this divine yarn. Well, they do make Cotton Light, but they've changed the 'recipe', from 60% cotton, 40% acrylic, to 50/50 cotton polyester. Not happy about that.
I'm going to go and buy up what's left at Små Skatter... if someone else hasn't beaten me to it - they only had baby pink left... 

Here's the pattern. The difference with this hat, is that I did 1 row knit, 1 row purl, for the first few rows, instead of ribbing.

With the scarf knitted by my sister, Mandy.