Mandolin Cable Motif Hat pattern

Yarn: Double stranded DK, worked double throughout.
Needles: 6.5mm & 8mm + 8mm DPNs
Worked on the wrong side throughout.
(German instructions)

Using 6.5mm circular needles, CO 62 stitches.
In the round K1, P1 until work measures 6cm.

(You will be working with the wrong side facing you.)
Switch to 8mm needles. K32 (from the join in the work which will be the back of the hat)

Place Marker, *P12, K to marker. 
Repeat from * for 7 rounds/rows.
At marker, C3F P3, P3off cable needle, C3B, purlwise.

Knit to marker.

*P12, knit to marker. Repeat from * for 5 rounds.
At marker, C3B, purlwise, C3F, purlwise.
Knit to marker.
*P12, knit to marker. Repeat from * for 7 rounds.
REMOVE MARKER, C3B, (K3, Replace Marker, P3 off cable needle) C3F, (P3, K3 off cable needle.)
Knit to marker.
*P6, Knit to marker, repeat from * for 3 rounds.
Crown (switch to DPNs)
R1: P6, *K2tog, K3. Repeat from * to marker.
R2: P2tog, P2, P2tog. knit to marker.
R3: P2tog, P2tog. knit to marker.
R4: P2, Knit to marker.
R5: P2, *K2tog. K1, Repeat from * to marker.
R6: P2, Knit to marker.
R7: P2, *K2tog, Repeat from * to marker.
R8: P2tog. Then K2tog until 8st remain.
Cut yarn, thread through stitch loops and pull tight.
Weave in ends.

I'm not happy with the look of that left side purl decrease.
(Maybe it should be an SSK? )

If you use this pattern, please leave a comment. If you have any questions or suggestions on how it could be improved, please contact me.


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