Ear flaps for Baby Pointed Beanie

These ear flaps are for Baby Pointed Beanie, but I'm pretty sure they could be used for any small child's hat.

Using Drops Nepal and 5.5mm needles, I cast on 14 stitches.

(NOTE: The first stitch on EVERY row - slip purlwise, even though it states K2.)

K2 P10, K2
Repeat these two rows 6 times. You should have 7 rows, ending with a K2 and purl row.
On the following rows,
K6, K2tog, K6.
K2, P9, K2
K6,  K2tog,  K5.
K2, P8, K2.
K5, K2tog, K5
K2, P7, K2.
K5, K2tog,  K4
K2, P6, K2.
K2, K2tog, K1, K2tog, K2.
K2, P5, K2
K2, K3tog, K2
K2, P1, K2
K2tog through th back of the stitches, K1, K2tog.
Start icord.
Knit the three stitch icord until it measures 20cm.
Cast off and tidy up ends.

I didn't get to sew these onto the hat myself, so I can't give any exact measurements. Once the hat is finished, you can gauge where to attach the earflaps.


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