Short Sleeved, Top Down Raglan Sweater

Two weeks ago, I had an appointment to have a tooth extracted. Over the road from the dentist's is a store called SparKjøp (SaveBuy!) They sell yarn. As a reward to myself, for having to suffer such an unpleasant experience, I decided I'd buy myself whatever yarn I wanted. Treat myself! With the help of my Dark Winter colour fan (and the remote help of my friend Jorunn) I chose this bright pink 100 % Merino wool.

The yarn is Strikk for Livet (Knit for Life) yarn, produced by House of Yarn. 10% of the cost of the yarn goes to help premature and newborn babies in Tanzania.

The label recommended size 3.5mm-4m needles, but after a conversation with another friend, Kate, I started knitting with 5mm needles.

After centuries of knitting socks, and then knitting jumpers with heavier yarn, it felt like this project took ages to grow. But actually, I finished it in less than 2 weeks!

Pre washed.

Here are the notes I made - these are literally the notes I made while working, cut & pasted from a Word document. I made them while working the yoke, and that was a while ago, so I don't know how accurate they are, which is why I'm not listing this as a pattern. 

The finished jumper weighs 206g! If I'd known this beforehand, I could have made it with just 4 skeins of yarn.

Basic Top Down Raglan Sweater

DK yarn, approximately 200g
4mm + 5mm circular needles - 80-100cms (for Magic Loop on sleeves and neck)

Raglan Jumper
DK yarn.
CO 118, 4mm needles
K1,P1 for 1.5cms
5mm needles knit one rnd
K8, wt (Wrap&Turn)
p16 wt
K16, pw (Pick up Wrap), k4,wt,
p21, pw, p4, wt
K26, pw, k4, wt,
P31, pw, p4
K36, pw, k4, wt
P41, pw, p4, wt
K46, pw, k65, pw,
Knit to marker

Knit 22, place marker, k12, pm, k44, pm, k12, pm, k22, remove centre back marker. K22
This is now the beginning of the round.

Increase every other round.

Increases are:
Kfb, between sleeve marker,
kfb+K1 before sleeve markers
K1+kfb after sleeve markers.

Work until work measures approximately 22cms from centre neck back.
After all increases are made, there should be
[not sure about these numbers??? 248sts.  (body = 186st, sleeves = 62st) ]

Knit one round before dividing sleeves.

Divide at sleeve markers and set sleeves on scrap yarn. Make 4 stitches under the arms and knit until work measures 56cms from neck.
K1, P1 for 3cms. Standard bind off.

Sleeves - knit 2 at a time on Magic Loop
Pick up 4 stitches under the arms. Place marker for under arm centre.
Decrease every approx. 4cms - decreases ar made 2st before and after marker (K2tog, K2, marker, K2, SSK) until there are 50st and/or sleeve measures 16cms from armpit.
K1, P1 for 6cms. Russian bind off.

After washing, dried flat - the sleeves are noe 3/4 length!

This is a more accurate representaion of the colour.


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