Bamse Jumper

I can't think of a snappy name for this jumper. I was going to use the acronym for Black Reversible Alpaca and Mohair Short Sleeved Jumper - BRAMSSJ - and that reminded me of Bamse, pronounced bamser, which means teddy bear in Norwegian, which is fitting, although not very sophisticated.

Pattern notes are at the end.

Yarn: Drops Kid Silk - kid mohair + silk, worked together with Drops Loves You III - alpaca
Needles: 4mm for rib, 5mm for body

Round yoke. 4mm needles, cast on 100, 3-4cms 1x1 rib.
5mm needles, increase 33 evenly around. Neck shaping.
Place six stitch markers evenly, thus dividing the work into sixths. Increase by 1stitch alternately before and after each marker, every other row (before marker increase, knit a row, after marker increase, knit a row, repeat) Increases before or after the marker create a spiral and mess up shaping and sleeve division.
Increase to 30st in each section/sixth.
Set the stitches of two sixths onto yarn, for sleeves.
Make 8st under each arm, knit until 58/60cms. Shape hem. 1-2 cms rib.
For sleeves, pick up 8st under arms, decrease by 2 every 5cms.

The finished jumper weighs 277g, and I used just over 75g of the kid-silk, so I used just over 200g of the alpaca. If I had had just one or two stitches fewer on the needle, this would have meant just 4 skeins of the Drops Loves You III and 3 balls of the Kid-Silk Mohair.


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