Stashbuster Challenge Time

There's something about the term New Year's Resolution which invokes all kinds of negative reactions in me. It is perhaps the legacy of being a fat girl, all those years I vowed to 'get in shape'* only to find myself, the following year, making exactly the same resolution. So, for me, January is about warding off my annual, January flu and getting back into the comfortable routines of everyday life.

I do, however, like a challenge. In particular 30 day challenges. Just long enough to make a difference and not long enough to feel overwhelmed. 

I was recently reminded of something which has always really inspired me. Staci Perry of is stashless and a one-project-at-a-time knitter. My inner voice asks, "Is that even possible?!" The only way I'll find out is to attempt it.

I'm very privileged to have an amazing yarn shop, Små Skatter, just a short walk from my home, which is also run by a good friend, so there's really no need for me to have a stash. As long as I know what I'm going to knit before I finish the project I'm working on, there's really NO NEED TO HAVE A STASH!

This photo was taken last weekend. 

I've organised most of my yarn and paired it up to the items on my project list.

I have no idea how long this challenge will take. I've got at least three jumpers and a cardigan on my project list, so I'm not going to call it a 30 day challenge. It will be an exercise in self-control and discipline. It will take as long as it takes.

* I did eventually 'get in shape', but it was less to do with a New Year's regime of diet and exercise and more to do with having my heart broken and chain smoking.  I'm happy to say I am now in a very good place in my life geographically and relatively good physically. Emotionally... the heart may have been broken one too many times. Only time will tell if it's up for another round of the 'I love you, too' game.


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